Friday, May 17, 2013

My Way - Chapter Twenty Eight

Chris decides he's not going to give in. So in a pouty mood, I head to the bathroom leaving him staring at me as I leave.

Chris heads to bed, and I have another plan set in motion. I slip into a cute purple nightie and then head to the bedroom.

When I get into bed it looks like Chris is asleep. I know better.  He won't be for long for what I have in mind.

I roll over, hovering over him. His eyes pop open. His eyes sweep up and down my body. His expression changes immediately. His eyes burn with passion, as his expression says he wants me. I try to hide my grin. Mission accomplished.

He stands up and pulls me off the bed and in front of the bedroom mirror. He moves my hair as his lips move down my neck. His hands move across my belly sending a delicious thrill through me. Leaning back against his warm body, I find myself like putty in his hands. His hand travels down to my belly. He spreads his fingers out over my hand and pushes me into him. He's hot and ready.

Turning me around he's standing there almost frozen. "Chris," I breath his name.

"What are you doing to me? I........," he mumbles. "Take me," I say.

He pushes me up against the wall kissing my neck as he pulls my leg up and around his waist. I want him here and now. But he tortures me slowly by running his hands slowly up my leg as he kisses me.

Then I'm on the bed with him. He pulls me to him. "Are you sure about this," he asks. "Yes," I breath with need.

He lifts me on his lap, pulling me to him making me arch my back. Slowly he pulls my bra down exposing my breast. I gasp when he takes my nipple in his mouth as he slowly runs his tongue around and around.

  I let out a moan as he bites me gently.

Pushing me down onto the bed he lays on top of me. "Chris Please." I beg.

He slides his pj bottoms off leaving him gloriously naked underneath. He's now back on top of me and I'm so wanting him.

I'm still wearing my nightie. He's pressing into me making me grind him. I need him.

He removes my clothes and then sinks into me slowly. I arch my back as I revel in the fullness. He starts to move but at a deliciously slow pace making me moan out and grip him tight. He picks up the pace and I'm lost in his rhythem. I'm reaching, about ready to explode. He groans and stops. "What's wrong?" I ask in a panic. "Nothing," he says as he pulls me up, and then we are on the floor.

 He faces me away from him and pulls me down on him. Slowly he sinks into me again. I let out a moan as he grabs my waist and then thrusts his hips.

He bucks me off him with fast thrusts, making me cry out. I'm all sensation as he moves fast and hard. I can hear his breathing becoming faster. He lets out a few deep moans.

 I wrap my arms around him as he cups my breast with one hand and the other on my hip.

He stops moving. "You take me." he says as he turns me around pulling me on his lap. I straddle him and I begin to move. Reveling in my power over him, I move at my own pace as he steadies himself with his hands. He's enjoying this as he tilts his head back letting out a groan.

I feel myself climbing. Higher and higher I climb before exploding into a mind blowing orgasm. I grip onto Chris who watches me unravel with pure pleasure. After I finish he starts to move his hips making me whimper with sensation. It takes only a few more thrusts and he finds his release.

"Emily," he says breathless. "Why are you doing this?" he asks. "Because I can," I smirk. He smiles but with a little bit of worry to it.

He pulls me down onto the floor as I lay on his chest. His heart is still racing as his breathing is still fast. He wraps his arms around me. "So what happened to me protecting you?" he asks. "I don't need protecting. I'm no longer scared. Just be with me, no more no less," I say as I drift off to sleep in his arms.