Friday, February 19, 2016



Chris puts the car in park in the driveway like he has done every evening after school. I unbuckle my seat belt scooting near him. I take his face into my hands and kiss him. His lips respond, deepening the kiss. His tongue finds its way into mine caressing mine. I moan into his mouth and he pulls back. "Why did you stop," I say in shock. "It's not you Kristen. I just don't want to go to fast," he says. "How is that going too fast?" I ask in disappointment. He looks over and I can see that he's torn. "I'm not like other guys. It's just not the right time," he says. "When will it ever be the right time?" I ask. He sighs. "Trust me when the time comes it will be right and right now being not the time," he says. My frustration and rejection starts to consume me. I go to get out of the car but his hand grabs my wrist pulling me back in. He grabs me pulling me towards him. His hands find my face and he pulls me to where we are touching foreheads. "Don't read bad things in this. I just want it to be right. That's all." he says as he closes his eyes.

I feel bad now. "I'm sorry, it's just that I have fallen in love with you," I say and I'm almost shocked I finally said it out loud. I fell for him long ago but I finally managed to get up the nerve to tell him. His eyes spring open and his eyes look almost on fire. He closes them again and I sit there waiting for him to say anything. "Say something," I urge. "That is what I was waiting for," he says as he kisses my forehead. I'm holding his hands that cradle my face. "That is music to my ears. I was hoping you felt the same way," he says. "You love me too!" I say almost in shock. "Yes, I have for a while now. I just wanted you to love me too," he tells me. This is a revelation and I'm now grinning from ear to ear. He pulls me to his chest and cradles my head. "You are so special to me, you will never know," he says as I hear his heart pound in his chest. "Kristen!" I hear Marie call out. Shit why does she do that. "I got to go before she comes out here and pulls me out of this car. You know she will," I say with a laugh. He kisses me quick on the lips and I'm running into the house with pure adrenaline coursing through my veins at his admission to me.

Screams rip me from my nightmare as the same images that I see every night haunt me. Trying to calm myself I slip out of bed to head to the bathroom like I always do but a moving shadow moves in the corner of my eye freezing me where I stand. I slowly back as far away as I can in the opposite direction. I only come aware of the wall when it stops me dead in my tracks. I'm looking around for inspiration for a possible escape. My heart races as I start panting like a trapped animal ready to be had.  I want to scream but I'm too scared. It's them they found me. I got to get away. I got to run but my feet are frozen. I have no way of escape this time and if I scream they would get me before Marie could come to my aide. If she would even recognize it from my normal nightmare screams.

The fear rises knowing I have no other choice but to confront them. I find my voice, "Who are you? What do you want?" I choke out. They come closer and I'm in full blown panic mode. Everything evaporates and I feel totally drained with relief that its him. He's not acting right, something must be wrong. I catch a glint of red on his face making my heart leap thinking he must be hurt. As he appears in the dim light, my fear turns to confusion.  "Chris why are you in my room in the middle of the night," I ask almost in shock. He stops but says nothing. "Chris talk to me," I demand. I go to step in his direction to seek answers but before I get even a foot forward I'm pinned against the wall by Chris. He's got my wrist held with his and his face is past my face leaning on my shoulder. His body is holding me in place and I cannot move.

My adrenaline is at its peak and my heart is pounding against my ribs. "What's wrong?" I whisper. I can feel his heart pounding in his chest and he's panting. "Please talk to me. You're scaring me," I plead. I can only figure he is waging a war within himself because he hasn't moved. "Chris," I shout. He jumps a little as if I had finally snapped him out of his trance. His words come out in a sad whisper, "Please forgive me for what I'm about to do." "What?" I say as my mind goes blank and fear spikes through my body. He moves his head down in a fast motion toward my neck. He releases one of my wrists to grab my head to pull it to the side. I take the opportunity to try to push against him but he's too strong. I freeze when a sharp pain slices through my neck. It burns and stings as if he was ripping my neck wide open. I cry out as the pain radiates from my neck. I find his hair and grab to try to pry him off but he only grunts and continues to suck my neck. I feel something warm drip down my neck and the situation becomes like a nightmare. He's drinking my blood.

Am I still asleep in my nightmares? My Chris would never attack me like this. "Please, stop! Chris stop! You're hurting me," I scream at him trying to plead with him to stop. He releases my other wrist as he wraps his arm around my waste to draw me closer to him as he continues to drink. "Why?" I ask in a soft whimper as I grip his shoulders to try to keep myself steady as my body grows weaker from the blood loss. My legs are getting weaker and I know if he doesn't stop I'm going to die. "Stop this, you don't drink blood! What's wrong with you?" I beg. He continues and I know it won't be long before this man that I loved so dear takes me out of this world. Tears run down my cheeks as I try to keep the good Chris in my mind not the monster that he's become that was now set on killing me. "I love you," I say as a sob overtakes me. His body stiffens and his mouth leaves my neck.

He doesn't pull back to where I can see him which is a blessing because I did not want to look at the monster he had become all covered in my blood. I can't bear to see him like that, it would rip my soul apart. "This is why I have to do this," he says almost is a whisper. This didn't make any sense because now that he knew my true feelings he was going to kill me. I was so stupid! A foolish girl with only a dream and now it was going to get killed. "Why?" I plead. "It's your destiny," he says and then sinks his teeth into my neck again making me scream out in pain once again. I try pulling and pushing at him but I have no strength now. I feel myself slipping into the abyss and the darkness is getting closer. My knees give way and my body slides only a fraction down his body before his arm pulls me back up. He continues to support my body with his arm that holds my waste. He cradles my head with his other hand as he continues to suck my neck.

He pulls away and shifts to where he's now carrying me in his arms. My head wobbles back and forth against his chest. He walks over to the bed placing me down gently. The bed shifts with his weight as he sets down beside me. I can feel the tears still running down my cheeks as I cry. I look over at Chris and it's like seeing him for the first time. His eyes are fire red which rocks me to my core. It was as if he was consumed by fire on the inside. His face is sad as he looks down at me and his mouth is still stained from my blood. He reaches over to wipe a tear from my cheek making me flinch in fear. "Please don't be scared," he says as he strokes my hair as to sooth a wounded animal. I can only imagine what he sees in my eyes. "Try to keep an open mind. I will show you a world that you never knew existed," he says as he sits up and pulls his sleeve up. "What are you?" I ask with fear laced in my tone.

He says nothing but looks at me with sad fire eyes. He sinks his teeth into his wrist and blood flows from around his mouth leaving a trail down his arm. He pulls back and looks over at me. "Please don't fight me," he says as he sinks his teeth back into his wrist. When he pulls back his blood runs down his chin. He scoops me up and I'm face to face with him. He places his lips on mine and my eyes grow wide. I'm so confused that I kick my legs and my arms push at his shoulders. He parts my lips with his tongue the warm blood flows into my mouth with a metallic taste. I try not to swallow but as he assaults my mouth it slides down my throat threatening to come right back up. His tongue continues to caress mine as his lips move on mine. It's erotic but sickening at the same time. He finally pulls back and his eyes still burn red but this time I see pain in them.

Only earlier he told me he loved me and now he betrayed me. He drops his head down making his blond locks fall forward. "I'm sorry," he says with pain in his voice. I say nothing; I have nothing to say to him. He looks up and there are tears in his red eyes. Why would he betray my trust like this? I go to look away only to be scooped into his arms. He buries his face into my neck making me push him away. "Don't," I say but I'm cut off as my body starts to jerk, my head goes back and my arms and legs thrash around violently. I'm on fire and all I can do is scream. He pulls me into him as I thrash around and I know he must have known this was what was going to happen. I still don't want him but I can't do nothing but be a prisoner to my own body. Every cell explodes with fire as if I'm being ripped apart. My screams are deafening screams I had never heard before that claim this night. My head burns and I find that I can't breathe. I try to suck air into my lungs but they will not fill. I'm suffocating and burning from the inside out. I can't bear any more, I want to die, I want it to claim me. I want this all to end. Everything goes black.........................